About Us


We at DSI try to genuinely out-service our competitors.  Our reputation is the one thing that separates us from them.

We believe we are all equal at DSI – we treat each other with respect and help each other.  Without good, honest and hard-working people, we wouldn’t still be in business after forty years.  Without equitable concern and treatment from the people of DSI, and from DSI for them in return, we would not be the solid niche marketer we are that thrives as a small, simple, privately held corporation.

Our goal is to have a healthy, motivated work force and to profitably pursue the sales and marketing of goods and services to the foodservice industry.  We want to be a place where our employees work hard and are proud and satisfied with what they do.  They are successful and happy to come to work each day.


DSI was founded in1970 by Arnold Bullock.  Mr. Bullock was involved with Vitality from its beginnings in the late 1950s.  Until the mid 1970s, DSI sold all of its goods through associate-distributors.  In 1976, it started its own trucking department, built freezers in both locations, and became immersed in self-distribution.

Today DSI works closely with its primary supplier, Nestles, and with most all the major distributors as listed, in each market. Likewise it services the equipment of many of the large food suppliers and national chains, specializing on coffee, tea, and espresso.  After all these years DSI is poised to continue its extraordinary way of doing business proving its dedication results in satisfied customers, steady organic annual growth, and an eye toward the future.