DSI operates from two locations:
1. Dispenser Services, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts which services the six contiguous New England states
2. Charleston, South Carolina which services South Carolina, most of North Carolina, and coastal Georgia

Our 40+ years of success is based on:
• The highest quality products and service
• The choice of great suppliers/distribution partners
• An intelligent, hard-working, ethical workforce

DSI sells concentrates through dispensers which mix the base with the proper amount of water and dispense a fully prepared beverage to commercial institutions.

DSI retains ownership of the equipment and services it as long as the customer continues to use DSI’s product lines. In recent years, DSI has experienced growth by marketing the “repair” service independently of product sales; over the last ten years its “service for hire” has become about 45% of its total revenue. And there are no contracts.

We at DSI try to genuinely out-service our competitors. Our reputation is the one thing that separates us from them.

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